Sunday, 27 September 2009

Count it all JOY

Some of the kids that come to our family are angry....really angry. Like screaming, kicking, hitting, cussing angry. Like grown ups have hurt them, let them down, sent them away angry. And the very last thing that they believe is that what you tell them is true- for their good or because you love them. All which makes parenting awfully difficult at times.
And I'm not real good at not getting my way....actually really terrible at it and these angry kids and I have come face to face with no winner.
Lately God has been whispering things into my heart. (Notice He whispers-never demands) He suggested that the goal isn't about making them obey and line up to my way. WHAT?? He couldn't possibly mean I should not have these kids UNDER MY CONTROL.
What about extending mercy?
Mercy that lets them fail and be encouraged.
Mercy that says although you screamed "No !" at me, you then did what I asked and that's a reason to be celebrated.
Mercy to count myself out of the picture and allow my every response to paint a picture of a Savior Father who loves them extravagently.
These angry kids are making over my heart and it looks much better on me.


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jen said...

Yep, that is what I learned too... the HARD way. I am not sure in my case that whispering helped. Perhaps God was whispering but I was yelling too much (as were my children) to hear his voice. We don't yell so much now but we hug a lot and we are laughing and joking so much that it is still NOISY! lol Much nicer now though. God has more mercy and forgiveness than we do. I am with you on this one. I am thinking that if you parent long enough you will get to this point. The alternative is to have a heart attack and die angry and young. Loving them is so much better than trying to change them. With the love, most of them will change.

Thanks for sharing this. Lately, I just blog about nonsense. lol Oh well.