Tuesday, 21 March 2017

All Bark - No Bite

  This is Whit, our mean, nasty little Min-Pin.  There's almost nobody he wouldn't bite if given a reason. Or if there's no reason at all.  He likes to be mean and has been for the last 8 years.
  He's actually a family favorite pet. He really loves us and I think he only has bitten Samuel in our family, but Samuel has this thing about climbing into Whit's bed.....yeah...
  If you come over, he'll bark and growl and act like he's going to kill you. 
  But everything has changed for Whit. We took him to the vet because he really and truly had the worst breath EVER. Turns out all his teeth but three were rotten. So they pulled twenty one teeth, which was a surprise for me because I didn't know that dogs had that many to begin with.
  So now, he can growl and lunge and be hateful, but if he's going to bite you, you're going to have to be very patient, because it's going to take awhile for him to get those three teeth into your leg.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Cousin Tony

 When Cousin Tony arrives from New Hampshire for a visit (and lately there have been many more) everything gets just a little more exciting. Every regular day seems special and just sitting around talking is an event. He's loved by everyone and the visits always seem too short. The only good thing about when he leaves, is the over- the -top enormous breakfast he makes the day before. He issues an invitation to everyone he knows and then the eggs start cracking. Breakfast is made to order and I chose Eggs Benedict. 
There was french toast and bacon and homemade hash browns. It was all rather amazing and everyone left with a full belly.

And of course Cousin Tony visits Avaline, which makes my heart so so happy!~