Thursday, 30 March 2017

So It's Come to This

  I do all the wash for the boys in the house. All of it. So, I know things about my boys. Things that you wouldn't know just by seeing them on the street. The person that does the wash knows lots of things.
  I know when they sneak Little Debbies from the garage and hide the wrappers in their pockets. I know how much they spend at Walmart on food listed right there on the receipt. I know who walks looking down and finds special rocks or soda tabs. I have found lighters and love notes, speeding tickets and bad test grades.
 All of this is interesting and informative, but lately I came to realize something very very disturbing while doing the wash. THERE WAS HARDLY EVER ANY UNDERWEAR IN THE HAMPER. 
  Being a mean clever mom, I made a new rule. No screens until I see their dirty underwear from the day before. I'm hoping that this will bring a renewal of good hygiene to our home. We'll see. 

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