Monday, 5 January 2015

6 Left in the Nest Feels Too Empty Tonight

  Having 18 kids ranging in age from 41 (sorry Marg) to 10 means that we have launched quite a few of them into adulthood. Eleven of them actually.  I firmly believe that it is as arduous as birthing a child, although easier on your body, it is hard on the heart.  Every time one of my kids leave, my world changes. Less laundry, less dinner plates, less talks, less mess, less hugs. Each time is so hard.
  Yesterday we drove Grace to Baltimore. At age 21, she has left her life behind to live with her sister and be the full time nanny to my granddaughter that needs a home. She said at our last dinner together that she felt God had prepared her for this. I know he gave her an amazing ability to love without judgement.
  As we drove away I did all my tricks to not break down and cry. I miss my Grace. She has been my worry since her birth with a brain tumor, through her kidney transplant and so much more. I don't know yet how to not worry about her. Maybe I just need a good cry and then let God take over. You'll do it right, won't you God?


jennifaye said...

Big big big hugs <3

Sandra K. Stein said...

It must be so hard, I can't even start to imagine, but I know God has her in the palm of His hand.

Perri said...

I'm preparing for Jacob to leave and he's just going 1/2 a mile. I can't imagine how hard this is for you. Prayers.