Saturday, 9 March 2013

Your Turn Isaiah

  With eight boys in the family, you just have to wait long enough and you become the oldest son in the house.  While that sounds like it might be an enviable position, and in many respects it is, there is a weighty responsibility that goes with the title.             

  Isaiah has risen to the task.

  Not only can we count on him to do the right thing, he does it quietly, humbly and always with humor and compassion.  He makes parenting a teen look easy - which is not always the case. (You know who you are.)

  And he's learning to work hard.  He's set his heart on being a carpenter and was given a chance to apprentice with a builder in  town.  His feet ache from the steel toed shoes, the ladders are  scaring him to death as are the fractions he has to compute with a tape measure and he had to forgo a field trip for work. And all without complaint.

He spent a little of his money today and bought a tool belt.  

You're looking good Isaiah.

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