Saturday, 16 October 2010

On The Hunt

There's something new going on at our house.....dead animals.  David has joined his brother in laws into the world of hunting. Living in the country in West Virginia  provides him plenty of opportunity to find victims in his new pursuit.  While I'd prefer that he would rid our yard of some of the prolific deer that are eating everything in sight, he has started a bit smaller.  His first kill was a squirrel.  I did saut√© it in some garlic and we all had a taste and it wasn't disgusting.  Some of us had more than one taste and although I liked it, I've been considering becoming a vegetarian lately.  After bringing home a few more squirrels he moved on to a raccoon.  It was fried in way too much grease at my daughter's house (while she wasn't home) and I think the smell still lingers there.  The meat was more like chewing gum and we have forbidden him to bring another one home.

Of course all his younger brothers are dreaming of the day they can start hunting and have been running around outside with long sticks tucked into their belts, ready at a moments notice to shoot something.

I was thinking that I should be bothered by all this violence but  the only problem I've really had is when the dogs get a hold of some carcass parts and then return home to throw up all over the couch. 

One good thing about David is that he's ADHD and nothing holds his interest for too long.


Emily said...

I was laughing throughout this post.

'I've been thinking about becoming a vegetarian lately'


For some reason I thought it was one of your newest little sons who was doing the hunting, but it's your big son?
All I can say is thank goodness for ADHD 'cause maybe it'll end here soon, but it's made for some hilarious blogging.

Anonymous said...

Kate -

Sauteed in garlic, eh? Had to be better than the squirrel stew Wendy & George made for us eons ago! I remember like it was yesterday, it looked like something thrown-up on the couch and tasted far worse. Personally, I'd much prefer to see the bushy tailed tree rats chasing eachother through the trees. But, with the way the world is, hunting may well be a good skill to have on hand!