Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Some Day

Our youngest biological daughter is 30 years old and left home for college when she was 18. I'm saying this to point out that if James and I had not been called into foster care/adoption, we would have been living alone together for the last 12 years.
And on those really hard days when I think about that - how would I picture my life?
Traveling in something smaller than a 12 passenger van that doesn't fit in any parking garage? Quiet evenings reading together by the fireplace and the book isn't a picture book or sonlight required reading? Cooking food that contains no cream of anything soup? Decorating with potted plants instead of lego tables?
No to all of them.
Here's what I dream of. Putting my scissors down somewhere and oh my goodness - 2 days later they're still sitting right exactly there where I put them.
It's only a dream, but it's sweet.


Perri said...

For me - it's the tape dispenser. Wesley will tape anything that doesn't move. He is going to love his stocking stuffer this year. His OWN tape dispenser and rolls of tape. I figure by the time his birthday rolls around in March, he'll be ready for more tape :-) The gift that keeps on giving.

smallgreenriver said...

Lets not be ridiculous

Kirsten said...