Friday, 19 June 2015

Not Following the Crowd because We're Lame

My daughter  asked me the other day if I had ever tried coconut water.  She, at age 16, wants to know about everything happening on the internet. If everyone is doing/using/liking something, it must be good. Right?
Come remember 16.

Back to her question - I might have tasted coconut juice at some point in my life. I've seen plenty of people on t.v. shows like Gilligan's Island,  sticking straws in coconuts and sipping happily away, but I really couldn't say if it was good or not, which prompted me a few days ago to pick up a box of it as I was checking out at C.V.S. Pharmacy.  It was warm in the car and I was glad to have a cool drink for the ride home. 
My response to this health fad is NO. 
Ginger and Mary Ann had nothing else to drink apparently, because it tasted like dirt. I saved it for the kids to try and the opinions ranged from disgust to mild yuck. One child claimed it tasted like spit and another was sure it tasted like something I hope he has never really put in his mouth.
So once again - we're the uncool-unhealthy family that will probably choose the Lebron Sprite Remix (yes, there is one and my children drank it) from the 7/11, and they will pick Marco Polo in the pool instead of Yoga on a mat.  
We are so yesterday.